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Allfarm Installations Engineering is one of the largest installers and maintainers of grain dryers in the East of England and have developed a thorough understanding of our customers’ objectives. We focus on delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Our suppliers and services

We have relationships with all the major equipment manufacturers and offer independent and unbiased advice on plant and equipment selection.

Our complete turnkey project packages include the specification, sourcing and installation of:

  • Grain dryers, grain cleaners and other grain-processing equipment

  • Steel frame buildings and sheds, including grain stores and

  • Conveyors, elevators and screw augers

  • Dust extraction equipment, fans, filtration, ductwork and silencing equipment

  • Structural steelwork and access platforms

  • Grain ducting valves and slides

  • Kerosene dryer burners, bunded diesel fuel tanks, and gas burner systems

Our after sales service and maintenance capability ensures customers continue to be supported throughout the life of their plant. Our offering includes comprehensive annual dryer servicing.


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