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Dust Extraction

Dust extraction is essential in agriculture in order to protect from inhalation of harmful dust, prevent explosions, avoiding cross-contamination and protect the environment.  When dust is extracted correctly, grain can be reclaimed and filtered via a sorting system, so that waste is minimal.

Our engineers will visit your site and conduct a survey and provide you with recommendations to enable you to make the right choice regarding the best system for the seeds, grains or food based products that your farm is processing and the dust it is emitting.

At Allfarm installations we build bespoke systems using our in-house design team enable us to provide manufactured filters or off the shelf standard dust extraction and control systems. Our  recycling systems can also be designed and installed to work with any dust extraction system. 

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you with your dust extraction equipment needs by calling 01728 746200 or complete the online enquiry form. We provide a wide range engineering services tailored to the agricultural industry. 

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